FX Graphics

About Us

F/X GRAPHICS was founded by Vivek Malhotra, who has 30 years of experience behind him in the animation and compositing industry in India. His career began as a 3D animator in 1989-90 in Mumbai right when the Indian Animation Industry started in India at an organized level. He has seen the growth of this industry and the technology associated with it that has rapidly evolved over these years.

Being a 3D Animator himself, Vivek Malhotra has a comprehensive knowledge of how each software product works and he can easily relate to the artists needs and technical queries on the various solutions offered by his company.  This experience has helped him select the correct products which can solve specific tasks and also speed up productions in existing studio pipelines.

Over these 30 years, F/X Graphics has established key contacts with including a one-to-one relationship with many fellow animators, compositors and studio owners and TV channels all over India.

F/X Graphics is one of India’s leading software providers for Animation , Visual Effects and Post-Production Industry.

The products we sell have been specifically chosen so as to help artists to improve their creativity and output and to simplify the bottlenecks in typical production pipelines. The Compositing software’s are the leading in their category and used by the best VFX studios across India. We have time and again brought new software’s into India which are radical and pathbreaking at the time of their launch worldwide and have given focused attention to promote these to Indian studios to make them the preferred choice of our customers.

Our customers include all the top studios in Animation, VFX and Post/Broadcast and TV Channel verticals and they have been with us consistently for our dedicated and prompt pre and post-sales service.