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Autograph is a 2D and 3D graphic composition program, loaded with high-quality, accessible tools for digital artists. It comes in 2 versions: Studio is the full version, and Creator is tailored to the needs of independent graphic artists and small businesses.
Autograph is a fast, hybrid digital content creation application crafted for motion design, VFX, and mass animation projects. Crafted with both the motion design and visual effects industries in mind, Autograph allows artists to work with speed and precision.

Get the best of RE:Vision Effects for an unbeatable price! RE:Vision Effects is making it easy and affordable to get your hands on the best After Effect, Fusion Studio, Nuke, Scratch, and Silhouette plugins. And, with their specially priced bundles, you’ll have access to major updates for a whole year – no matter what platform you’re using! Now that’s what we call value.
Effections Plus contains the following acclaimed products – the Pro Version option includes all Standard and Pro options:


Give your sequences an organic, lifelike feel with RE:Vision Effects ReelSmart Motion Blur. Our powerful technology eliminates the tedious manual labor involved in adding and adjusting motion blur – allowing you to customize each action shot with just a few clicks! Want even more control? Use our innovative reverse-tracking capability for captivating effects by blurring one sequence using another’s motion.


RE:Vision Effects Twixtor is your go-to training partner for altering and controlling the speed of video or image sequences. Its superior tracking capabilities let you stay precise in all situations, so no matter how fast things are moving — objects entering/leaving frames included!—you can keep up with ease.


RE:Vision Effects FieldsKit is the perfect tool for any video creator. Its powerful Deinterlacer feature utilizes proprietary cutting-edge field reconstruction and adaptive motion techniques to quickly turn interlaced footage into sharp, high-quality full frames, taking your visuals to a whole new level!


RE:Vision Effects RE:Fill astounds with its amazing ability to patch up incomplete images! Just select a nearby “good” pixel or choose to mirror around the hole’s edge. RE:Fill can even clone from another point in time or from another sequence altogether.


Bring professional-level morphing and warping to your After Effects, Resolve, or Fusion projects with RE:Vision Effects RE:Flex! Make stunning visuals quicker and easier than ever before with RE:Flex’s intuitive interface, coupled with proprietary sophisticated technology. Furthermore, the now revamped GPU support in v5 delivers speeds of up 3x faster!


RE:Vision Effects RE:Grade™ is the colorist’s go-to best friend, unlocking otherwise unreachable potential. With its unique features to manipulate saturation and exposure combined with reliable looks and multi-app workflow tools, including 3D LUT inversion support, graders can bring life even into videos deemed beyond repair!


With RE:Vision Effects RE:Lens, easily convert lens projections and add stabilization to give your videos the professional look they deserve! Plus, work directly on 360 VR and fisheye footage.


Easily rerender UV maps in post to save 3D rendering time! RE:Map also provides inverse UV mapping and corner pinning.


RE:Vision Effects RE:Match will make your camera matching problems a thing of the past! This cutting-edge solution is intuitive, efficient, and sure to help you take control. Features include automatic color and texture matching that addresses problems of multicam and stereo shoots.


Upscale your content with RE:Vision Effects REZup. Improve image quality (“IQ”) and get higher resolution video without compromising any details or introducing weird artifacts. REZup contains two plug-ins: REZup Enhance and REZup Resize. These plugins provide a unique mix of state-of-the-art video image processing augmented with machine-learning techniques.


Transform your movie into a painted animation fit for an Academy Award! Video Gogh takes the same groundbreaking technology that won “What Dreams May Come” its Visual Effects Oscar, and gives you access to those pro-level tools in a breeze. With only a few clicks of your mouse, unleash lush visuals with this incredibly simple yet powerful interface. Creating art has never been so easy!


With RE:Vision Effects DEFlicker, kiss those infuriating flickers and artifacts goodbye while shooting at a high frame rate or timelapse video! Not only does this amazing software fix flickering from artificial light sources but it also fixes flicker on multiple objects, even when they have varying intensities. Even the most challenging cinematographic situations like filming directly into a bright light source will be no match for DEFlicker’s ability to minimize “breathing” and size change when shot at higher frame rates.


RE:Vision Effects DE:Noise restores clarity and reduces noise in video caused by low-light capture, film grain, drop-outs, and dust. Combining cutting-edge motion estimation with advanced spatial filtering technology, this impressive tool can also tackle ray-tracing sampling artifacts found in CG renders as well as fingerprints and snow collected during transfer processes! Say goodbye to pesky defects ruining your footage – try RE: Vision Effects’ powerful DE:Noise today!

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